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Post  master marksmen on 30.06.08 4:38

ok, this is a thread for us to make up our own spams, make them good cause other ppl will be grading them.
for each spam give them a 1-10 10 being the best on how good it was, ill start

master marksmen spam-the legend of master marksmen

master marksmen,
we will never know if hes real, we will never know where he is and WHAT he is but what we do know if hes out there and if he isnt either way he is the greatest being in the universe.

In a book "legends of the unknown worlds" the book states "the myth of the great master marksmen is just that a myth, its impossible to be that great and awsome for that is trully obsord, to destroy full ignis and alsius armys with a single blast from a single arrow." Tis of course is merely an opinion for i believe that the legend of master marksmen is true and to prove it im going out to find him.

we just arrived at the first town. a local boy says that he knows our legend master marksmen and that the boy visits this legend every day and brings him leftovers from the boys dinner. The boy says the man lives in some caves in the great mountains to the north and that we should check it out. Well we have made the deiscovery, master marksmen was found by us in a small cramped cave old, bald and skinny to the bones with what looked like small scraps on the side of the mouth clutching his only belonging and hissing at us. What was the belonging that he held u ask? Well we decided to tell u, it was a small laptop and we causght a glimps of what was on the screen... it was... the home page to regnum online. so now we know that the legend of the great mastermarksmen is true and that he is the greatest RO player ever.

hows that for spam? be affraid be very affraid im sending trhis to all u losers mwahahaha Twisted Evil , make ur own spam and well rate it thanx all Very Happy Cool
master marksmen
master marksmen

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