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major loss of knight's

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major loss of knight's Empty major loss of knight's

Post  master marksmen on 30.06.08 19:04

ok were at a major loss of knights i dont even know anyone else thats a knight in a clan but me,
r u a knight?, what lvl r u? and if u want pls make a knight were good support and its actually really fun to play as one, rare dieing cause of shields and high health and good attack power the list keeps going i really love it
thanx all,
new char-grand knight,
im on this one alot now not much master marksmen anymore Smile
master marksmen
master marksmen

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major loss of knight's Empty KNGIHT HERE

Post  mytho on 02.07.08 2:20

yo dude how many times ive said im a knight-mytho the kngiht, hehe
so yea im a knight like almost lvl 30 basically there MAYBE 3 knights in our clan im one of them. so ther u go

MYTHo-THE-KNIGHT- king major loss of knight's 2331 major loss of knight's 364719 major loss of knight's 542952 major loss of knight's 319893

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major loss of knight's Empty The leaky hose syndrome.

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 9:05

NGD studios have changed their ball park rules to improve the income needed to provide a free game.
This means giving a master scroll to lvl 30, and other booster scrolls, together with fatigue on two levels, which will encourage scroll purchase.

There are four classes which suffer/have suffered the most, and may continue to.
The most important thing to understand is that if you had a hose full of high pressure water 50 feet long, there are no leaks at level/lenght 1 and none at length/level 50.
The most leaks occure probably around level/length 15 mtrs to 35 mtrs - hence the introduction of a master booster to 30.
The slog from there to level 47 is paramount - 47 is half way in terms of xp. So a new booster needs to help those that would fall short.
Once at 47, largely a self motivating generator kicks in.
So if you imagine a hose that leaks from 2 mtrs and gets steadily worse until it slows down it's dripping leak at around 40+ mtrs, you get the broad picture of the fallout of new people joining and those staying in. (I summise)

Then we need to examine the short term rewards for the classes.
Four suffer badly especially since the clamp down on drops & cost of repair. Those four are:
Hunters. Marksmen. Barbs. Knights.
I think some changes have been put in place so that drops are better, BUT -
Knights have a notoriusly hard time in levelling and get so fed up with the job, they quit. I can't blame them. I got a knight to lvl 16 and that was enough.

Knights - hang on in there - I am told it is well worth it.

Hunters & marks not only have to pay for repairs, they need more arrows to continue levelling - AND to fight in battle. That is seriously tough and in my opinion - an unfair disadvantage.
Barbs fight and level close up, and the cost of repair is extortionate.

Pay your money - take your choice. - Slyp


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major loss of knight's Empty Re: major loss of knight's

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