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The conjurer

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The conjurer Empty The conjurer

Post  Isemon on 24.02.08 18:32

Play this char is very hard, but if you are fast and precise you can win the 70% of match!!
A conjurer have a lot of defensive spell, and he can summon demons, so your summoning is your powerful ally.
if you want an offensive tactic reach your mentals skill: Blaze and Pricking ivy(allow you to block the opponet) are more powerful. Silence allow you to Dizzy the opponent so he can't cast any sort of spell at lvl1 for 7sec. Mana are vitaly for mage, so increase some skill of mana control like: Energy borrow (allow to drain mana from opponent). mana burn is a powerful cause if hit the opponent and burn his mana

if you are vs:

a barbarian: you can block him with ivy and cast on him mana burn, now drain his mana with energy borrow, when the ivy disappear use silence to make he dizzy and cast a beetle swarm...

a knight: is very hard cause a knight is able to evade or block your spell, so try first to make him dizzy with silence then use the ivy. If he get near you he can paralyze you and knock you down until you're die. the powerful tactic is using mana burn and then drain his mana with energy borrow.

a marskman/hunter: the first don't use confuse... if he use it you are die...hunter use always confuse, so run while he fight with your summon creature, when confuse effect finish pay attention cause confuse have duration 40sec cooldown 40sec so he can recast it on you... try to burn and drain his mana... ivy is useless cause he don't have to move to hit you.

a conjurer: the faster win, use silence to make he dizzy, and burn and drain his mana.

a warlock: pay attention to this char: is a bastard! he is able to kill first your summon creature and then you... his Meteor have a range of 30m and this spell make dizzy, so if he use this before that you use silence on him he have almost win...


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The conjurer Empty The Conjurer just 3 things!!

Post  Benson, Andy the White/Gr on 06.03.08 1:52

Hi clan, Firstly a conju will level very fast as he has a summon to help fight for him, I often send him to fight one monster while I fight another!! Two monsters at a time the only other char that can do that is a hunter!!

Second I love this char, it is so versatile, heal, attack and defence. It has a few set ups depending on the situation but Mana Control is essential in all of them, personally I like to set mine up as follows. Level 35 conjurer :- Mental lvl 15, Arcain Missile, Blaze, Beetle Swarm & Ivy lvl 4. Mana lvl 15, Energy Barrier, Mana Burn, Mana Pool lvl 4, Energy Borrow, Ambitious Sacrifice lvl 2. Summon lvl 17, Demon lvl 4. Heal lvl 9, Regenerate Ally, Heal Ally lvl 2 (spells not mentioned are lvl 1). With this set up I can fight as well as heal, ok my heal is weak but not to weak to not be of use of use, those are the spells I will boost over the next two lvls.

And last of all, on missions in wz a conju must have one other char pref a barb or knight with him, because if the conju is dead so is the mission!!!!

Thanks for reading Andy the White

Benson, Andy the White/Gr

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The conjurer Empty Set-up

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 3:45

I use, and always have done, two completely different set-ups, and try to avoid not confusing the two.
One set-up is for levelling solo, which is max mental, max summon, with amb sacrifice and heal/regen ally to max.
Personally, I am one of the few that doesn'tlike staff mastery much, and I don't like blaze either.
Every one has their own choices & setups.

The other set-up I use is mana communion/healing maxed/amb sacrificemax/heal self/regen self maxed and shields (energy barrier). This set-up I use for helping others level and for battle.
In battle I take no part in attacking (well, I try not to get into that situation) and have no points except arcane on 1 which only scratches the enemy.

A big disavantage that conjurers have, is that people think they are weak, and so they try to tell them 'how to be a conj' when they know nothing about it themselves, and when they see a conjulock/warjurer going into battle.
Fortunately we can decide who we want to heal/mana and especially ressurect - and it is rewarding to let the annoying ones lie & bleed. That is the end of their battle.

A good conj set-up for support only, can keep a group of 6 soldiers fightng almost indefinitely and often against overwhelming odds. Without the conj they wouldn't last 5 mins.

But people loose patience with them quickly, and on a hunt everyone tries to keep up with the fast hunter and the conj gets left behind and has to find his own way home. Guess who goes on the ignore list then?

If you like supporting others, you will love this character, though it does come in for abuse from other players.
Syrtis has always been short of good conjurers as it is now, mainly because (even on RA) they got a lot of abuse and either left for other realms, or changed their main character.
I did both.
A week ago I actually had a noob conj trying to tell me how to set-up when they had no idea why I was set like I was. It gets very annoying.

But as an offensive char, my lvl 42 barb in Alsius was unable to beat an experienced lvl 35 conj, and I fought several on many occassions.

Good luck - Slyp


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The conjurer Empty Blaze & Gory

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 10:20

About 4/5 days ago, I got into an interesting discussion with AWD (Angelwinged Devil - nice guy - leader of GoP) about particular spells.

Mostly the subject bores the pants off me.
I am not an academic conjurer - I am a try, suck, use it conjurer.

So when I go to train - or use the trainer on and see a spell.
"Ooohhh I haven't used THAT one before, I wonder what it is like?"

Duh - I have a short memory. I have tried them all, that's why I have a dummy stupid set-up that fits both occassions of leveling and battle. I can reset_powers with my eyes shut.

"Blaze.." Awd said "is unbelievably low on mana, hits about 500 dmg and is fast cooldown. You MUST have it"

Somewhere in the retarded synapses of acute dementure lies a memory of Blaze. That is probably why I don't use it anymore.
So I tried it again.

Ok it is everything AWD said it was, and is exactly how I remember it.
Indeed its fast, low cooldown, hits hard - BUT it is an area spell, and THAT is why I had put it aside.
Admittedly it is a 'small area' area spell but that is what makes it dangerous.
The times I have used that forgetting my mana is low (worse that than having low hp-to a conj) and cast Blaze - only to realise I have triggered not just the blue mob I had targetted, but a yellow one to my left and the darn orange one to my right.

Ok I should have been smarter, but when you get low on mana you panic a touch.
When I panic I would rather hit beetle, ivy or just plain heal self than Blaze.

Try them all. They are all good (well.....mostly) in their own right, and in your own way.

And yeah, yeah of course I have amb sacr. That's my other panic button.



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The conjurer Empty Re: The conjurer

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