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How to Hide from Hunters

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How to Hide from Hunters Empty How to Hide from Hunters

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 4:21

Most of you will know that a hunter 'tracks'. Not many of you may know that you can actually 'HIDE' from his/her tracking skills so that you don't show up. In this case a hunter would run on without even knowing you existed.
One point - never try to hide 'IN' a rock, even if you find one you think your are in, since in fact you are 'standing on top' of it. Check it with a friend.
You will die about 2/3rds less I discovered, when resting in the war zone, if you run up to a tree or rock initially FACING the most likely direction that the enemy will come from, then TURN AROUND and sit with your back to it. If you do this, you will be able to stand (or sit & recover) & target without having to turn round first.
Even with your back to a tree or rock, you can use the mouse RH button to scan behind you.

Also - if you are caught out in the open and not attacking anything, and the enemy is just at the extreme of your vision, if you stand still you are more likely to be missed than detected. Run and you will surely be spotted.

You can also be almost invisible if you sit with your back against one of the 'plane tree' types - those that are the patchy bark of grey and pale brown. You can almost merge into the tree and not be seen.
I once sat in the 'haystack' near save central for about 5 mins while a confused enemy hunter tried to find me, and despite tracking again and again (the track gives no distance at close range) he couldn't see me & ran off.

People with the shortest names & shortest clan names are the least detected. If the longest part of your name etc is the health bar, you have a better chance of survival than "Keeper of The Light of GoP" - a hunter can spot that a mile away.

For a conj who generally doesn't hunt - you can have a name as long as you like - UNLESS you want to hide when levelling solo. And I strongly reccomend you do.

The best way to practice hiding from 'tracking' is to get a friendly hunter to 'Track Ally' with you. If he sets this to it's lowest (1) you two can be close when he tracks & you hide. That way both of you will get experience of how tracking works & how to avoid it. Believe me, you will be astonished at how effectively you can escape tracking.

Good luck - Slyp.


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