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The Hunter

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The Hunter Empty The Hunter

Post  TheGray on 24.02.08 21:34

They can learn to tame wild beasts and turn them into their allies. They are explorers and can detect enemies from far distances. Not as damaging as the marksman, they have abilities to disorient the enemy.

The Hunters powers include Pets, Scouting and Evasion

-Calm Creature
-Tame Lesser Creatures
-Tame Beasts
-Control Monsters
-Bestial Wrath
-Natural Armour
-Revive Pet
-Skin of the Beasts

-Track Monsters
-Ensnaring Arrow
-Track ally
-Head of the Pack
-Track realm enemy
-Wild Spirit
-Enemy Surveilance
-Stalker Surroundings

-Evasive Tatics
-Cat Reflexes
-Low Profile
-Spell Elude
-Son of the Wind

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The Hunter Empty Tameable pets

Post  Yawney on 24.06.08 19:51 this is a calculator that shows you what pet can you tame according to your level and level of tame skills.


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The Hunter Empty Best of the Pets

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 3:25

This is a good calculator, but don't just accept any pet on the assumption they are all the same.
The pumas, leopards etc are very fast but have nowhere near the hitting ability of cyclops/orcs/hyenas/wolves.
It's always worth attacking a mob to allow it to attack you. From that you will see which has the highest hit on you. This will generally be the mob you want to use - especially for levelling.
During levelling, a pet attacks the mob only on two occassions:
Firstly when it makes the initial attack and then on each mob turn.
Secondly while the mob is attacking you if you stand still.
So there aren't many occassions that your pet gets a chance to hit/bite the mob - so pick the one that does the most damage.

The good ones are mostly in Syrtis (fortunately) but the others are in Ignis. (I think)
Rabid, Ancient hyenas and especialy great hyenas are among the top.
Savage Toll-Tar is a good middle lvl pet.
The cyclops/savage cyclops,/cyclops warrior apprentice will be your stable long term pets - and even if their names are 'Green', they may well have a higher hit than anything that is blue.

Really, don't waste time with fancy looking pumas, panthers, gryphs etc.
Play smart.
Go for the hit & not the look.

Kind regards - Slyp.


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The Hunter Empty Re: The Hunter

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