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Living with the enemy

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Living with the enemy Empty Living with the enemy

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 6:08

You, and you alone know where your loyalties lay.
It may be with your clan, your friends, or Syrtis.
It may be with another realm.
None of that matters to other poeple, it only maters to you.

There is an honour that I think is worth respecting, and that is that you keep faith with those that are friends.

In my opinion (and I expect lots of argument here) the very best way of learning how Ignis or Alsius lands lay, where the unique escape routes are, where lower levels may level up and even where the best pets are, is to have a character in that realm.

There is an old adage (saying) which goes: "Keep your friends close, and your enemies even closer".
How very wise.

I can't predict how Hathor (for example) will respond to killing him close to his save - but I would guess that he would come straight back out at me. I know him that well. I like Hathor very much, but according to my strange system or honour, he will remain my enemy.

Know where your heart lies, and you know your code of honour.

My heart lies with those kind and warm people I have been levelling & fighting with, first.
Second it lies with Syrtis, a very confused, disorganised, rebellious and sometimes childish realm.
Third it lies with a new clan I have stumbled into.
The order of things should change.
The only thing that never changes is the fact that things change.

There are small places by the rocks over the lips of the dessert which allow you passage back to the grassy plains. I found those living with the Ignis.

The trees give great protection, camoflage & hiding. I found that living with the Alsius.

There are great people living in all realms. The best I have found are in Syrtis.

I found that living with the Syrtis.

Good hunting - Slyp


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