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Where to go for Honey - Guide for New Starters.

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Where to go for Honey - Guide for New Starters. Empty Where to go for Honey - Guide for New Starters.

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 7:06

There are two main web sites worth getting to know and working with.
If you use these sites you will never need to ask mundane questions in Syrtis or General chat.

The first is the most respected quest site:

Which gives you just about every quest you need to do.

It's worth doing the quests. Effectively it more than doubles the kill xp, plus you get invaluable gold bonus, and sometimes rare or valuable gift items.
Do the quests as a purpose to succeed. Level by determination.
There will be quests that 'come out of order' esp killing the leaders. Ask for help. You may loose a few xp with help - but the quest completion is worth it. OR leave the quest till you attain a higher level.

The other site worth it's weight in gold is:

When the site opens in your browser, click on the 'Oracle' tab.

This will forever be one of the most useful, ongoing sites you use.
It gives you the position of just about every know NPC (Non Participating Character) in every realm, just by clicking 'Citizens'

It also gives you a chance to look at every skill under every discipline in each class AND to practice levelling that class at whatever level you choose under 'Skills' and 'Training'.

Check those sites out. They really are a must.

In here you will find ideas and suggestions, friends and fellowship.

You and I and everyone in Syrtis, Ignis and Alsius started at level 1.
Some of us started level 1 many many times, and many times ago, and have travelled the paths of knights, barbs, mages, archers - all of them, a number of times to a number of levels.

In here we are compiling wisdom.
For you.

In here are people who aim to help you, otherwise the only reason is to take from you. Not many clan memebers do that.
So you can trust that we will give more than we will take from you.

We would like you to succeed.

The more you succeed, the better you fare, fight and work within a team. (Or solo)
The more you succeeed, the better we get to know you, your differences and your abilities.
The more you succeeed the more you can help others, and the better we can help you.
The more you succeed, the more everyone benefits - even if you are a solo hunter.

There is the help command /help - which can save endless basic questions.

Good luck, good hunting, and may you find good friends.



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Where to go for Honey - Guide for New Starters. Empty Re: Where to go for Honey - Guide for New Starters.

Post  Nightchill on 12.10.08 19:44

I'd like to add something, don't level up via quests on low levels, you can get lvl1-10 in 60-90minutes with pure grinding so save all those quests for higher levels.


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