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Expectation from a conju

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Expectation from a conju Empty Expectation from a conju

Post  Isemon on 19.06.08 22:08

i find this post in the HQportal.. and i think it can be usefull:

"I really want to know what are your expectations on a Conjurer?
Do you need many mana? Any buffs? Many health? Pls tell us, because I want to give everyone the help he needs.

I think it will help a lot if the Conjurers knows more about all classes and how he has to help them."

What a Warlock need?

As a "warlock" I say:

health, health, health: soulkeeper and vampirisim are nice but not reliable and I rather loose those, then die
mana: yes, even with mana communion, energy borrow, and sadistic servants I am often too low on mana (mana communion is good enough for me usually )
ZARKIT they always stand in the way, either I cannot click on the target or they hide my view
did I mention that I need a lot of health already? Very Happy
More? (I need Divine Intervention all the time when it is possible. If the enemy makes me dizzy I cant do anything and I have no chance to survive)
Oh, don't forget, when someone casts mod, do some buffs and protection on him so he knows you are watching him when he storms the enemies to dizzy them.

What a Marksman need?
marksman dont need hp a lot, he always need mana, because mana is that what "keeps" him in life. Sure, he wont have anything against regeneration when he's dmged more than 1/3 too. divine intervention when running on enemy, to protect him of ds and such
-protection dome, when warriors approaches to marksman
-ofc, still mana
-material wall doesnt need, marksman has enough protective spells

what a hunter need?
One of the thing Hunters (just like other classes) need most is mana. they've got a lot of passives and spells to get away when they're almost dead and although healing when needed is appreciated (very much ), you can better give the health to Knights or Barbarians, which rely on HP much more. Mana is way too often forgotten, although it's the most important thing for Archers and Mages.

what a knight need?
as a knight can survive without mana, only need it when he guarding a mage at the back and casting costly spells like Deflecting Barrier or Ethereal mantle etc.
Health is low priority too, cos he have a lot (~4000) and his armor guarantees that he can keep it for a long time.
But that MoD is really a pain in his ass, so all time fav is Divin Intervention! 'Cos his main defensive spells dont last long (Caution 60s and Precise Block 30s) and without them he halfway dead and MoD is the only spell so far wich he can not block.

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Expectation from a conju Empty hunter

Post  Axil on 09.07.08 17:47

Your right about the hunter With mana and also(not that anyone could help it)WE DONT GET ANY MOVES THAT HELP OTHERS! Expectation from a conju 364719

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Expectation from a conju Empty What you need from a conjurer

Post  Slyp on 11.09.08 8:22

Only one other class can generate mana for him/herself and that is a warlock.
At the time a warlock needs to generate this mana, he/her is generally more than well employed fighting off enemy using every scrap of mana they have. So they seldom have enough mana left to trigger the spell Mana Communion.

We all know that people need health by the length of their health bar.
A good conj watches something else.
He/she watches the numbers that appear above the heads of the leading fighters in their group.

You can see the red numbers clearly - so you can select that target and do regen ally on them.
You can't see mana going, but you can hear dual shot, pierce shields, Meteor, South Cross and stuff like that if you bother to listen and work it out with your team mates.

Sound is often more important to a conj than sight.
Run through Ignis alone - you'll see what I mean.
The first thing you'll know about being hit by a good hunter is the sound.

A good conj works out through experience, which barbs are going to make a run in first, so they can DI them early & give them regen ally which will last a long time. May not save them - but it goes a long way.

A good conj has the philosophy - save myself - save others.
And is set up so that all his/her shields and self support are nearest to hand.

They stay at the back despite the urge to run forward.

They work out a balance of mana comm and general healing which serves fighters the best.

Most often they are the last person standing in a fort or castle. All others are killed. And they try one last futile attack.
Conjs support NPC archers and guards and get nothing in return - just a quiet reward.

Conjs are the least respected, least admired, and least thanked for a battle well fough and won.
They are the most often reproached and condemned for battles lost.

A conjurers lot is not a happy lot.
It is however, one of the most interesting and versatile classes ever created.
It has two enormous divisionary selections - of both a defiant fighter and a totally delivering supporter.

Of all classes the conjurer is the most reviled and the most critically important.
A dozen barbs alone against a warlock & a coupe of good conjs won't last a moment.
One good conj can support a small army against overwhelming odds for an hour.

Only fools or those with hearts on their sleeves become conjurers.
They are the most needed in battles, and the most disrespected at any other time.

Mana, mana, mana.
Ambitious Sacrifice gives us twice the value of mana as we take from our hp.
Then we top up with regen self, and are ready to do it again.
We are mana treasure chests, and healing Christmas presents.
Top conjs feed mana & healing through out a battle in constant drip feed and single shot.
Not only do we keep you alive as best we can - we bring you back to life if we fall short on the job.

Don't mess with conjs.
You very life depends on it.

good hunting - Slyp


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Expectation from a conju Empty Re: Expectation from a conju

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